It’s All Good.

In the hood.

Our part of the world.

Here’s a little about our neighborhood.

Our Space.

Originally the Nehi soda factory, we cleared out this warehouse and realized it was meant to be a producer of healthy beverages. Virginia Tech’s top Interior Design class came out and worked up some magic to help turn this open warehouse into a magnificent brewery.

Around Downtown.

If you prefer to walk only within the range of a Michael Vick football throw, spend the afternoon between us, Big Lick Brewing, Tuco’s Tacos, and Beamer’s. It is all within crawling distance. Otherwise, the heart of Downtown Roanoke is a quick 10-minute walk away where you have 3 Notch’d Brewing and Deschutes along with countless bars and restaurants.

More things you should know. Like Parking.

Yes there is parking around. This is downtown though, so, I don’t know, you’ll figure it out.