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Pils r gud

Italian Pilsner, dry-hopped light lager perfect for drinking anytime of day.   

5.0% ABV


Belgian style saison, delicate and floral with notes of honeysuckle and clove.  

5.0% ABV

pam across the street

Robust porter   

5.6% ABV


Salted caramel English brown ale, delicately sweet with a smooth finish.   

5.6% ABV


West Coast style IPA brewed exclusively with Chinook hops, giving this brew a evergreen piney character with notes of dark berry.  

6.8% ABV


Hazy IPA with Nelson Sauvin and 007 hops, slightly citrusy with a bright finish. 

7% ABV

pickle rick

Dry hopped sour beer brewed with pickling spices 

5.4% ABV

sunny b

Fruited sour beer brewed with mango, key-lime, and honey malt. 

6% ABV